The Best Educational Radio Stations Online

There are 44,000 radio stations worldwide and adults aging 25-54 spend 86% of their audio listening time tuning in to AM/FM radio, according to a report by UNESCO. Listening to the radio may seem like a thing of the past with the advent of the internet and a hodgepodge of music applications these days .

The great thing is that a lot of college kids these days still opt to listen to the radio for educational purposes as well as to keep themselves updated of the latest campus happenings. Based on a study conducted in the US, here are some of the best educational radio stations online:

Cal Poly Radio

Weird Al Yankovic made Cal Poly’s radio station, KPCR, popular because this is where he first started his music career. According to the US News & World Report, California Poly- San Luis Obispo (CPSU) ranked tenth as the Best Regional University in the west. You may listen to Cal Poly Radio, as it is popularly called in the campus, at 91.3 FM. The radio station is also noteworthy because of its program like The Red Spot, ANTI!, and Club 91. It also offers a vast array of merchandise for students to choose from.


KASU is the official radio station of Athens State University (ASU) in Alabama. ASU serves to 3,500 senior college students who listen to KASU via 87.7 FM and they have the option to stay tune without commercials by signing up a VIP membership. Aside from playing various genres of music, the radio station also runs a student-produced radio programs and puts emphasis on sharing updates and news of the College of Business.

KBeach Radio

California State University-Long Beach campus’ KBeach Radio is yet another popular radio station in the west. It is found at radio frequency 88.1 and also broadcasts via hybrid digital radio and online. KBeach Radio is also renowned for its student-run intellectually stimulating talk programs which are also participated by high-caliber professors. They also have famous music shows like Rebirth of Rock, Musical Massage, and Beatles at the Beach. All 450,000 students of the 23 CSU campuses can listen to its online station.


The official radio station of Georgetown University, WGTB, is one of the oldest campus radio stations in the US and has been on air since 1946. Students have the option to tune in to WGTB 92.3 FM at their dormitories and even online. WGTB has a solid program schedule for the whole week. The campus does not only have a radio station but a TV station as well which has been around since 1999. GUTV also holds a film festival every April for aspiring filmmakers.