The 5 Major Types of Radio Stations

The radio was the most favorite medium of broadcasting before television and the internet took the centerstage. There are still people, not just oldies, who still listen to the radio even to date. Although the radio has humble beginnings, today’s radio has become more sophisticated with the aid of technology. The sophistication in radio technology has led to the birth of different types of radio stations but the major types are listed below:

  1. National Radio- These are the stations that broadcast nationwide. An example of this is the National Public Radio (NPR). NPR broadcasts in more than just one station across the country and reaches at least 26 million listeners on a weekly basis.
  2. Local or Regional Radio- Unlike national radio, regional or local radios just broadcast in a smaller area. These stations are normally found at AM or FM frequencies.
  3. Satellite Radio- Radio stations normally transmit signals via antennas. Satellite radios, as the name suggests, broadcast via satellite and reach broader areas and the sound quality is a lot higher. In order to access this type of radio, one must first have a subscription to satellite radios like Sirius XM radio.
  4. Internet Radio- Unlike traditional radios, internet radios apparently airs via the internet. It is also commonly known as webcasting.
  5. Pirate Radio- These radio stations are considered illegal because of their format and contents. Pirate radios are also free and not regulated.The advent of internet radios led to the demise of pirate radios as one can set up his or her own radio station legally over the internet.

The types of radio stations are not just limited to the abovementioned. Feel free to drop me a message at should you want something added.