Get to Know Me

I’m Kale Lue, named after one of the healthiest leafy veggies around probably because my mom loved eating them when I was in her womb. All kidding aside, I took up education with a major in elementary teaching at Washington State University and currently work as a history teacher in a private school in Spokane.

I decided to be an educator because teaching is such a noble profession and I want to follow my mom’s footsteps as she was once a music teacher. Aside from that, I also love being around kids and I am a doting mom of 2 adorable kids. They are my fountain of youth. More specifically, I love to teach because…

I want to educate students. Every educator aspires to be the best. Teachers may have different styles and methods of teaching but we have a common goal and that is to educate students. We impart knowledge that is useful not only in the four corners of the classroom, but in real life scenarios as well. We do not only make sure that students understand concepts, but also ascertain that they know how to put these into practical application. And of course, I want to motivate students to learn and value education.

I want to be an inspiration. Teaching is a very challenging profession. Not all students are interested to learn something and it is the teacher’s goal to make learning fun and exciting, to make math seemingly less daunting or history to be not boring. I want to inspire students to be the best versions of themselves, to pursue the career that they are truly passionate about and to strive for lifelong learning.

I want to be a catalyst of change. I know it may sound too ambitious of me to say this but I do mean it from the deepest chambers of my heart that I want to bring about change not only in the lives of students, but in the face of education in general. And I will forever be committed to this profession for so as long as I am able.